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Width & Height Adjustable – Easy Fold & Disassembles for Travel Purposes

The Comfort Easy Fold Self-Propelled Shower Commode commode is a heavy duty self-propelled shower commode designed for use as a commode over the toilet chair or as a shower chair.  It is cleverly designed so that is can disassembled for transportation or storage.

The Comfort Easy Fold Self-Propelled Shower Commode is width adjustable and has an adjustable seat height.  The reversible soft padded, polyurethane ergonomic seat provides the user maximum comfort

The large self propelling rear wheels afford the user full independence and allows the user to sit down conveniently and safely while showering or toileting.

It can be positioned over most standard toilets, maneuvered into a shower or can be used as a standalone commode using the removable potty supplied.

It has a weight capacity of 200 kg and features sturdy and easy to rotate front casters with brakes. The Shower Commode chair comes with a height adjustable seat and swing-away footrests.

For more information on this product contact Home and Medical on 01274 564769

New Easy Fold Self-Propelled Shower Commode

3 Wheeled Tri-Walker with Seat

New launch of tri-walker with integral seat

New launch of 3 wheeled walker with seat

Three wheeled walking aids, or tri-walkers as they are often know, offer a number of advantages to the end user over 4 wheeled walkers.

Where space is tight, particularly indoors, the compact turning circle of a 3 wheeled walker offers excellent manoeuvrability.

Three wheeled walkers are typically lighter in weight than a four wheeled walker and are typically more compact for transportation and storage.

Until now three-wheeled tri-walkers have not been designed with seats, so if a seat for resting is a must, the only available option has been a four wheeled rollator.

A newly launched innovative and unique 3 wheeled walker with seat has solved this problem, combining the advantages of a three wheeled unit with an integral seat.

It has the manoeuvrability of a tri-walker but with the option for the user to sit on its cleverly designed seat

To order the new triwalker with seat go to Home and Medical or call us on FREEPHONE 0800 035 3588

Lightweight 3 Wheeled Tri-Walker with Seat

Riser Recliner Chairs for the Elderly or Disabled

Feature in-built motors that control the seat tilt, seat lift and tilt and recline capabilities

Riser Recliner Chairs for the Elderly or Disabled

Electrically operated riser recliners provide benefit to those who need help when rising from a chair.

Advice on buying a rise recliner?

Electric rise recliner chairs may be the solution for many people suffering from physically limiting conditions.

Rise Recliners are able to offer active assistance to the user featuring a handset which automates the in-built motors that control the seat tilt, seat lift and tilt and recline capabilities.

Using the handset the seat and arms (usually the whole chair) slowly raises to allow the user to stand easily.

Riser-recliners with one motor operate the backrest and leg rest so that as the backrest reclines the leg rest rises.

Dual motor rise-recliners are available that operate both the tilting back of the chair and the leg rest independently to allow the user to find the best sitting position for them.

Rise recliners are available in a variety of materials and designs.

Recliner chairs allow you to recline the chair back and some will allow you to put up your feet. Certain models will also recline you fully to a lying position.

On many models the whole chair rises which provides the user with support and leverage to get out of the chair.

Simply order online from Home and Medical or call us on FREEPHONE 0800 035 3588 for advice

Home and Medical offer a low cost engineered delivery service that allows the chair to be set up in the room of your choice and demonstrated.

Rise Recliner Chairs for the Elderly or Disabled

Shop N Sit Shopping Trolley with Seat

Shop N Sit trolley is an innovative 2 in 1 shopping trolley with seat

New Wheeled Shopping Trolley with Seat

Weighing only 2.5kg the newly launched Shop N Sit trolley is an innovative 2 in 1 trolley with seat. This contemporary designed product is cleverly designed to allow the handle of the shopping trolley frame to easily fold down to convert into a convenient seat enabling users to rest when needed

The large shopping bag can be easily removed and reattached to the frame to allow it to be carried separately.

For more information on the Shop N Sit Shopping Trolley with Seat or to purchase please contact Home and Medical on 01274 564769

Shop N Sit Shopping Trolley with Seat

Electric Adjustable Beds

Electric adjustable beds ensures that the user is correctly supported to provide positional relief

Your guide to choosing an adjustable bed

An adjustable orthopaedic bed features an electronic mechanism that allows the sleeping position to be modified at the touch of a button. Typically operated using a hand held remote the bed can be adjusted into a variety of sleeping or relaxing profiles.

The remote allows the user to easily raise or lower the head or foot section of the bed independently of each other, helping them to find the most comfortable posture. For example raising the head section of the bed makes it easier for the user to read in bed and to get out of bed. More importantly adjusting the profile of the bed ensures that the user is correctly supported to provide positional relief from back ache and joint pain.

The adjustable beds typically feature a number of flexible slats that conform and adjust accordingly to support the user and provide optimum comfort.

Adjustable beds can be used with a variety of mattress types are ideal for those suffering from the following medical conditions: Asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, arthritis, rheumatism, MS, back pain, circulation problems and many other conditions affecting mobility.

For more information on adjustable electric beds please contact Home and Medical on 01274 564769

What is an adjustable or electric orthopaedic bed?

Changes to Hartmann Incontinence Ranges

The Moli Continence Care Range has been given a refreshed NEW look with a clearer naming and absorbency system. The products themselves remain unchanged with the same high quality, same comfortable shape and same hypoallergenic skin protection.

MoliForm Premium Soft Becomes MoliCare Premium Form

Find below a summary of the key changes to the MoliForm range. All product coding has remained the same.

Name change for MoliForm Premium Soft

MoliForm Premium Soft has now become MoliCare Premium Form.

MoliCare Fixation Pants that are used to hold shaped pads in place have also had a name change.

Molipants 2000 are now known as Molicare Fixpants
Molipants Soft are now known as Molicare Premium Fixpants

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MoliForm Premium Soft Becomes MoliCare Premium Form

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has launched a new nationwide Fall Prevention and Bathroom Safety Campaign

1 in 3 people over 65 suffer a fall that can cause serious injury, and even death.

Home and Medical support Drive DeVilbiss in their aim to eliminate potentially life changing hazards in the home.

Find below a summary of the key points from their Fall Prevention and Bathroom Safety campaign

According to the NHS, 6 out of 10 falls happen in the home or garden, with one of the most common places to fall being in the bathroom. Wet and slippery surfaces, poor lighting, loose mats and flooring, difficulty stepping over and into a bath or shower all contribute to the problems experienced.

Most importantly though healthcare experts believe the vast majority of falls could be prevented with some fairly modest changes to a person’s lifestyle and home.

NHS recommendations include regular strength and balance exercises, a medication review, a vision test and a home hazard assessment.

Toilet Safety Frame

Free standing frame surrounds the toilet to provide additional support

In addition a vast range of innovative products are now available that are designed specifically to prevent any fall and make the bathroom a much safer place and recommendations include;

Adding grab bars in and beside the toilet, bath and shower.

Using a non-slip mat in the bath and shower

Installing  a toilet safety frame to ensure ease of getting on and off the toilet

Using high-wattage light bulbs in ceiling lights and lamps to improve visibility

Removing clutter, trailing wires and frayed carpets.

Ensuring that the bathroom floor is dry and using non-slip rugs on the bathroom floor.

Avoiding walking on  slippery floors in socks or tights.

Avoid wearing loose fitting, trailing clothes that may trip you up.

Making  sure towels, soap and shampoo are within easy reach of the sink, bath and shower.

Organising the bathroom so that stretching and bending are kept to a minimum.

For more information on fall prevention and bathroom safety products please contact Home and Medical on 01274 564769

Fall Prevention and Bathroom Safety Campaign

Folding wheelchairs offer the perfect solution for travel, transportation and storage

Some wheelchairs can often be heavy and difficult to transport. A folding wheelchair therefore is an excellent choice as they can easily be dismantled, folded and transported by car or other modes of transport.

Folding wheelchairs tend to have a cross bracing mechanism underneath the seat that allows the frame to collapse sideways making them easier to fit in the boot of a car. The chair can also be made lighter by removing the legrests and armrests. On some models quick release wheels are removed and the backrest is folded down to make storage more compact.

Aluminium folding wheelchairs are significantly lighter than those made of steel.

Travel wheelchairs designed specifically for holiday or travel purposes also classed as a folding chair. They often pack down into their own bag or case for transportation and are very lightweight.

Folding Travel Wheelchair

This travel wheelchair folds into a holdall style bag – folds to approx 1/3 the size of a typical folded wheelchair. No other wheelchair folds like this!

Both self propelled and transit wheelchairs are available in foldable designs

Factors to consider when choosing a wheelchair

Chair Weight

The weight of the wheelchair is an important consideration as it will impact on the manoeuvrability and transportation of the chair
In general terms frames constructed from aluminium will be lighter than those made from steel but tend to be more expensive.

An important consideration will be the removable components such as footrests, arms, wheels, and upholstery which can impact on the overall transport and “lift” weight of the wheelchair.

It is recommended to check the supplier’s specification for an accurate indication of chair weight.

Wheelchair User Weight

Many standard wheelchairs have a maximum user weight of 18 stone (135kg) so it important to check the user weight specification before purchasing a wheelchair.

A wider range of heavy duty and bariatric wheelchairs are emerging to cater for larger users. It is prudent to anticipate future weight gains and to purchase a chair with a higher maximum user weight if required.

Storage and Transportation

Folding wheelchairs are the best option if space is at a premium. Travel wheelchairs typically take up less space, whilst attendant propelled wheelchairs are more compact than self-propelled models.

Most folding wheelchairs fold together by pulling up the seat thereby allowing the two sides of the chair to meet in a scissor action. Many chairs also have a half folding seat back and removeable components to help save space.

Wheelchair storage bags are available and are often supplied with travel wheelchairs.

Seat Width

A typical standard wheelchair has an 18” seat width. Many wheelchairs are available in wider seats widths – 20” and 22” widths are commonly available.

For children or those of slighter stature 16” seat widths are available.

Seat Height

A typical wheelchair seat height is 20-22”. Seat heights can be managed using wheelchair cushions of different thicknesses to optimise user comfort.

Foot and Leg Rests

Most wheelchair footrests are length adjustable to provide both leg support and comfort to the user.

Leg rests are typically ‘swing away’ and detachable to help the occupant exit the chair
Elevating removable leg-rests can be purchased for some models of wheelchairs but compatibility must be checked with the supplier before purchasing.

Wheelchair Arm Rests

There are five main styles of wheelchair arm rests available as follows;

Fixed – non-removable
Height adjustable
Removable – to assist in side transfers
Flip-up – to assist with side transfers

Desk – low level armrests or to help position under tables or desks

It is advisable to check the specification to establish the type of armrests that come with the chair

If you would like help or advice on choosing a wheelchair please contact Home and Medical on Freephone 0800 035 3588


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Folding Wheelchair

Bariatric Sentra EC Self Propel Sturdy with drum brakes - steel frame has been designed for the larger person.

Bariatric Sentra EC Self Propel Sturdy with drum brakes – steel frame has been designed for the larger person.

New Bariatric Sentra EC Wheelchairs Launched

A new range of heavy duty wheelchairs has been launched to cater for the needs of a growing market.

The Bariatric Sentra EC wheelchair range has been designed for the larger person to ensure as much comfort as possible.

Available in both transit and self-propel formats these wheelchairs are  is also available in 3 seat widths – 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch

Made from high strength carbon steel these new wheelchairs have many features including removable footrests and arm rests

The Sentra EC self propelled models now feature attendant handbrakes with highly efficient drum brakes whist the Transit models are crash tested to ISO 7176/19

The new Sentra EC bariatric  wheelchair ranges are available with free doorstep delivery from Home and Medical    Call FREEPHONE 0800 035 3588

Wider Width Wheelchairs for Bariatric Users

Seahorse Plus Childrens Toileting and Shower Chair

The Seahorse Plus is a development of the acclaimed Seahorse Sanichair

Seahorse Plus – Now Available in 3 Sizes

The new generation Seahorse Plus Sanichair is a childrens Toileting and Shower Chair that can be adapted to the needs of the child as it grows. Now available in small, medium and large sizes it can accommodate children from age 5 right through to young adults using cleverly designed seat and back liners.

The Seahorse Plus is a development of the acclaimed Seahorse Sanichair featuring a height adjustable frame that accommodates most toilets with a generous aperture to facilitate toileting and washing. A sliding large capacity potty which can be easily removed from the rear for emptying

A gas assisted tilt-in space allows safe and easy tilting of the seat with the child in the chair.

Take a look at our Seahorse Plus and additional accessories here .

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Seahorse Plus Childrens Toileting and Shower Chair