Lightweight 3 Wheeled Tri-Walker with Seat

3 Wheeled Tri-Walker with Seat

New launch of tri-walker with integral seat

New launch of 3 wheeled walker with seat

Three wheeled walking aids, or tri-walkers as they are often know, offer a number of advantages to the end user over 4 wheeled walkers.

Where space is tight, particularly indoors, the compact turning circle of a 3 wheeled walker offers excellent manoeuvrability.

Three wheeled walkers are typically lighter in weight than a four wheeled walker and are typically more compact for transportation and storage.

Until now three-wheeled tri-walkers have not been designed with seats, so if a seat for resting is a must, the only available option has been a four wheeled rollator.

A newly launched innovative and unique 3 wheeled walker with seat has solved this problem, combining the advantages of a three wheeled unit with an integral seat.

It has the manoeuvrability of a tri-walker but with the option for the user to sit on its cleverly designed seat

To order the new triwalker with seat go to Home and Medical or call us on FREEPHONE 0800 035 3588

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