Walking Aid Helps Mobility Problems Caused by MS

Topro Troja Classic Rollator

Topro Troja Classic Rollator – Side View

The following review from a Home and Medical customer who suffers from MS provides a revealing insight into the benefits of using the Topro Troja Classic Rollator

“This rollator has helped me so much in dealing with mobility problems caused by MS. I can honestly say that it has changed my life.

When my physiotherapist suggested a rollator, I was very sceptical. And I have to say that the one I was provided with to try out was more disabling than anything else. It was so heavy, I struggled to lift it into the car or even over kerbs. Its poor design threatened to trap fingers every time I folded it, and it did not fold down well. This was a depressing experience!

When I saw the specifications of the Topro Troja Classic, I knew this was worth a try. And I was delighted. It is so lightweight it is no problem at all to move around and lift when required. It folds effortlessly to become amazingly compact. It is even possible to partially fold it in use to squeeze through a narrow gap! The hand grips are extremely comfortable and the brakes reliable. The build quality is excellent – it is obvious that a lot of thought and care has gone into its design and engineering.

One thing that has made this rollator so special is the aesthetic element – I chose a white frame, and it really is very smart-looking. I hardly even feel like I’m using a mobility aid when I’m using it. It allows me to walk as far as I am able then sit to rest in an elegant fashion. I love it”.

Topro Walkers are supplied through Home and Medical Tel 01274 564769


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