Floor Standing Shower Seats

Floor Standing Shower Seats, Shower Chairs, Shower Stools

Shower chairs and shower stools enable the disabled or those with mobility problems to experience the pleasure of showering.

Using a floor standing shower seat in your shower cubicle can provide an extra element of comfort and independence for those in need of some extra support.

Plastic seats are tough, comfortable and easy to clean and are height adjustable to suit the requirements of the user. Ergonomic perforated seats allow for easy drainage and lightweight aluminium frames make them easy to lift and store.

A floor-standing shower chair or stool will not need any time-consuming or costly installation and can be removed entirely when not in use. Non-slip feet will prevent unwanted movement and provide stability.

An innovative new product is the Bath Stool with Rotating Padded Seat that reduces twisting and reaching while in the shower.

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