Age UK Discreet Shaped Pads for Men (Case)

Made from breathable, waterproof and non-rustle material. These pads fit in to a users underwear. For those with active lifestyles.

Code: DM MADP021


Age UK Maxi Absorb Discreet Regular Pads for Men

Regular for Men

Code Type Absorbency ml Pack Size
MADP021 Regular for Men 650 (12x14) 168 pads

Discreet disposable incontinence pads for men.

The Age UK range are suitable for the male anatomy a comfortable and breathable design, and a super-absorbent polymer which neutralises embarrassing odours, ensuring that these products can be worn discreetly with confidence.

These Age UK Discreet Shaped Regular Pads (650ml) are designed for active Men with light to moderate incontinence. The pads have a self adhesive strip to hold them in place without the need for mesh pants as they are able to stay in place in your own underwear

To prevent uncomfortable overheating the backing sheet is also made from a breathable material.

In comparison to the old version, this new updated version features a higher absorbency; visual changes made to make the pad more discreet as well as an increased width of the product and reduced length to improve the fit. 

Features & Benefits

• More discreet design
• Breathable waterproof backing
• Sticky strip on back to secure in place
• Contains Super Absorbent Polymer (retains 50 times its own weight in liquid)
• Odour control properties
• No latex

The discreet and convenient way for you to purchase incontinence and personal care products from the comfort of your own home.