Rise Easy Mattress Elevator

The Rise Easy Mattress Elevator sits users up in bed at the push of a button and eliminates the need for carers to lift or the person to lift themselves.

Code: NR M48453

Rise Easy Mattress Elevator

Rise Easy Mattress Elevator is easy to install and is an affordable solution to assist with raising and lowering the mattress.

Transferring into and out of bed or sitting up are difficult tasks for individuals and their carers. The movements require a lot of effort and also that the carer leans forward and puts a lot of stress on their back.

With the rise easy mattress, these movements are no longer strenuous as the mattress sits the user up at the push of a button. The frame is adjustable and suitable for use on single, double and king size divan beds. The mattress also has a very quiet actuator and a simple to use hand control. The angle of raise spans from 10-67°

The frame is secured with support straps and quick release buckles for when it needs to be removed. It is also easy to install, strong and durable as well as suitable for recycling and refurbishment. The frame is also wipe clean with non abrasive cream cleaners. Spare parts are available if required.

Not suitable for use with orthopaedic mattresses or slatted beds.

Features & Benefits

•  Raises user from a lying to a sitting position independently
•  Controlled by an electric handset
•  Reduces risk of injury from straining and stretching
•  Reduces carer strain
•  Adjustable to use on single or double mattresses


Height at lowest point: 155mm (6")
Maximum height: 780mm (30¾")
Depth: 715mm (28")
Width: 610-1525mm (24-60")
Weight: 16.5kg (36lb)