Smokers Fire Retardant Lap Cover


Made from PROBAN treated fire retardant cotton

Code: TM


Smokers Fire Retardant Lap Cover

A full fire retardant lap cover for use in a room set aside for smokers or on the terrace.

Intended for individuals who smoke and require a protective cover to shield against hot ashes and dropped cigarettes.

Wide enough to cover both knees

Made from PROBAN® treated fire retardant cotton*

With pocket option features a useful pocket 20 x 15 cm


120cm x 60cm

20 x 15 cm Optional Pocket

* PROBAN® treated fabrics do not smolder, have no afterglow and flame does not spread outside the charred area unlike some other flame retardant systems. PROBAN® treated fabrics do not form hot sticky residues which can adhere to the skin of the wearer. Limited washing up to 40 degrees C.

Flame Retardancy to:
EN ISO 11611:2007
EN ISO 11612 A1&2 B1 C1 E1 F1
EN ISO 14116 index 3/501/75