Volaris S7 Smart Low Rollator

The Volaris S7 Smart Low is one of the shortest rollators on the market ideal for the smaller person or child

Code: DA 1522170


Volaris S7 Smart Low X Folded Lightweight Rollator

The Volaris S7 Smart Low is one of the shortest rollators on the market.

One of the major features of the S7 is the Volaris Advanced Braking System, which ensures that the brakes can be applied with minimal exertion, allowing easy use for users with problems with their hands, such as arthritis. Another distinctive function is the versatile 'comfort frame', which is flexible, allowing the rollator's four wheels to stay on the floor even on bumpy surfaces. The brakes on the S7 Smart are internally routed through the frame.

The X folded design facilitates folding and allows the rollator to stay stable when folded and upright. The light weight means it can be easily lifted or carried, and the compact design when folded means that it can easily be taken onto public transport or stored in a car.

A range of accessories are available to match individual specifications.

The Volaris Smart S7 Low is made in Sweden of recyclable material. The rollator is designed according to the ISO standard ISO 11199-2:2005.

Features & Benefits

• X-frame structure for standing in folded position
• Ergonomic grips
• Internally routed brake cables
• Adjustable seat and handle height
• Patented link system brake function
• Travel and parking brakes
Accessories available for customisation


Weight: 7.1 kg
Personal weight capacity: 150 kg

Width: 59cm
Depth: 74 cm
Seat Width: 40.5cm
Adjustable Handle Height: 68-83cm
Adjustable Seat Height: 46-50cm
Folded Width: 27cm
Wheel Diameter: 20cm