Volaris S7 Compact Rollator

Light, versatile rollator that is particularly suitable for negotiating tighter spaces.

Code: DA 1060/1711070


Volaris S7 Compact Rollator

Narrow width, compact and perfect for use inside - adjustable seat height

The Volaris S7 SMART Compact is a light, versatile rollator that is particularly suitable for negotiating tighter spaces. It has a width of only 53 cm, making it easy to maneuver and go where you want to go when out on the town or travelling.

Its adaptability and size make it particularly suitable for different situations.

The X-folding design and soft wheels will ensure you travel smoothly over uneven surfaces. They will also stand steady when in the folded position, which is particularly important if you are already unstable on your feet. The last thing you will want to do is to pick the rollator up off the floor if it falls over.

The handle and seat height can be adjusted to your needs without the use of tools. So when the occasion arises and you want the seat to be lower when visiting friends and family, you can adjust the seat or handles according to the situation.

The walker is equipped with Smart handle which means that there are no wires to get caught on objects when you walk because the braking mechanism is encapsulated in the frame. The ergonomic loop parking brake and travel brake are both easily accessible and contribute to highest standard in safety.

Features & Benefits

• Compact design
• Narrow width - suitable for negotiating tighter spaces
• Adjustable seat height
• Folds easily for transportation and storage
• Soft wheels for comfortable ride over uneven surfaces
• Internal routed brake cables
Black, soft ergonomic grips and loop parking brakes

S7 Compact is made in Sweden using the latest technology and highest quality manfactoring standards. There is a large range of accessories available, so you will get exactly what you need to suit your specific requirements


Colour: Grey
Item weight: 6.8 kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Width: 53cm
Length: 62cm
Seat width: 35cm
Height: 73-88cm
Seat height adjustment: 43-57cm
Width folded: 27cm
Wheelsize (diameter/width): 15 x 3.2cm