Aluminium Self Propelled Wheelchairs

Browse this category to view our range of ultra lightweight and folding self-propelled aluminium wheelchairs.Self-propelled chairs, as their name implies, are propelled by the user and have large rear wheels which are easier to push, especially up and down kerbs, than an 'attendant propelled' chair. which has smaller rear wheels.  Self-propelled wheelchairs in lightweight aluminium are easier to lift and control. Free UK delivery available for all orders over £45.

Enigma, Roma Medical, Z-Tec and Drive Medical aluminium self-propelled wheelchairs

Many aluminium self-propelled wheelchairs have a folding frame. A cross brace mechanism underneath the seat canvas enables the wheelchair to be folded. A folding wheelchair is a good choice for occasional use as they can easily be dismantled, folded and transported by car.

Available in a variety of seat widths self-propelled wheelchairs often feature flip up or removable armrests,  folding back mechanisms and quick release rear wheels.

Home and Medical stock a  wide range of aluminium self-propel wheelchairs from Enigma, Z-Tec and Roma Medical.

Models in this category feature the following;

Z-Tec Aluminium Self Propel Wheelchair

Aluminium self propelled folding wheelchair, with flip up under desk arms and swing away removable footrests available in 3 colours.

Ultra Lightweight Self Propel Wheelchair

New Ultra Lightweight Self Propel Wheelchair in aluminium in modern grey two tone upholstery has a low carry weight of 7.8kg

Enigma Spirit Self Propel Wheelchair

The new stylish Spirit wheelchair uses the latest in wheelchair design to produce an elegant yet highly practical wheelchair. The sculptured frame is constructed from lightweight aluminium for durability and responsiveness.

Enigma K Chair Self Propel Wheelchair

The new Enigma K Chair has been developed to provide a new level of comfort for wheelchair users. It features adjustable suspension that can be tailored for the user and the environment thus reducing the effects of any uneven floor surface.

Whatever style of wheelchair you choose, a wheelchair cushion will be recommended; this improves posture, comfort and can help to prevent pressure sores.

If you require assistance in choosing your wheelchair please call Home and Medical on 0800 0353588