Aluminium Transit Wheelchairs

Folding aluminium transit wheelchairs are lightweight, easy to transport and store. Excellent value for money models are available with many features as standard including, swing away and removable footrests. The range of lightweight transit wheelchairs includes Car Transit Wheelchairs, Glide About Wheelchairs, Porterage Chairs and Folding Wheelchairs. Alumiunium folding wheelchairs are significantly lighter than those made of steel. Folding wheelchairs is often an excellent choice as they can easily be dismantled, folded and transported by car. Browse here to view all the models in this category.

Lightweight Aluminium Transit Wheelchairs

Folding wheelchairs tend to have a cross bracing mechanism underneath the seat that allows the frame to collapse sideways making them easier to fit in the boot of a car. The wheelchair  can also be made lighter by removing legrests and armrests. On some models quick release wheels can be removed, the backrest folded down and the armrests folded or  removed.

Z-Tec Aluminium Transit Wheelchairs

Z-Tec offer a great range of good value folding transit wheelchairs made from lightweight aluminium.

The best selling Z-Tec Aluminium Transit Wheelchair with Attendant Handbrakes has many features as standard including, swing away and removable footrests, attendant handbrakes, a fold down backrest for easy storage, seat belt, side skirts and heel-loops.

A Deluxe Folding Aluminium Transit Wheelchair is now available from Z-Tec in both 16 and 18 inch seat widths and many great features. This model weighs a mere 12.9 kg excluding footrests.

Enigma Alloy Transit Wheelchairs

The Enigma range of wheelchairs spans  features a number of transit wheelchairs that are ideal for domestic, contract  and institutional use.
All wheelchairs are manufactured to the highest standards and encompass ultra lightweight models.

Larger seat widths up to 24” are available in order to cater for the needs of the larger person. 

Crash Tested Transit Wheelchairs

There are a number of high specification lightweight aluminium wheelchairs that have been crash tested. This are highlichted in the product descriptions of each wheelchair.

The Enigma XS2 wheelchairs is an excellet wheelchair that has been crash tested. Designed for occasional or frequent use it can be used indoors and outdoors. The wheelchair is designed for a single user of up to 135kg (21 stone). The frame can accommodate either 24″ self propel wheels or 12.5″ transit wheels.

Ambulance Porterage Wheelchair

The Roma Medical Ambulance Porterage wheelchair has four wheels and is suitable for maneuvering patients in a confined area 

If you would like help or advice on choosing a wheelchair please contact Home and Medical on Freephone 0800 035 3588