Bath Lifts

Auto controlled powered bath lifts and portable powered reclining bathlifts including Bella Vita, Aquila, Surferbather, Aquajoy, Sufer Bather brands.

Bathing Cushion – Gets you right to the bottom of the bath and raises you up after bathing – IDEAL FOR TRAVEL

NRS Nuvo bath Lift – The NRS Healthcare Nuvo Bath Lift enables you to lower yourself into and raise yourself out of the water without having to use body strength to do so.

Aquajoy Junior Plus Bath Lift – Recline or sit upright, with detachable wings for the upper body support.

Aquila Bath Lift Kit – Provides user with an auto-controlled supportive backrest that reclines to offer increased comfort and greater hip flexion

Bella Vita Bath Lift – The Bella Vita Bath Lift is ultra-modern reaches record height of 48cm and at 6cm is the lowest bath seat available.

Surfer Bather Children’s Powered Bath Lift – Lifting aid to minimise moving and handling risks to therapists/parents/carers.