Bathing Aids

Bathing and Bathroom Aids for Independence and Safety in the Bathroom

A range of bathing aids and bathroom aids to help you in and out of the bath or shower and make the process of washing and bathing easier. This category features bath boards, bath seats, bath lifts, grab rails, shower commode chairs, shower stools and chairs plus a variety of bathroom aids to assist the disabled or elderly in their own home.

Many of these items can be purchased VAT free from Home and Medical.

Bathing and Bathroom Aids for the Disabled, Elderly or Handicapped

A range of bathing aids and bathroom aids to provide support, independence and safety in the bathroom.

Bath Boards

Provide a higher seating position for the user whilst in the bath. Generally bath boards are wedged between the rims of the bath so that the user can sit on the board to transfer their legs into the bath.  Bath boards provide a platform over the bath for a person who is unable to step in and sit down in the usual way.

Bath Seats 

A number of  bath seats and cushions allow the user to sit closer to the water whilst bathing. These seats are frequently of great assistance to the elderly, disabled or physically impaired.
Swivel bath seats rest across the rims of the bath and may be used in preference to a bath board as they provide a more supportive seat.
It is recommended that they are used in conjunction with a slip-resistant mat.

Bath Lifts

This category features auto controlled powered bath lifts, bathing cushions and portable powered reclining bathlifts. They are designed as a lifting aid to help lower or raise the user in and out of the bath. They also help minimise the moving and handling risks associated with bathing.

Grab Rails

Provide hand holds to help people get in and out of the bath independently with minimal assistance. These can be attached to the wall, ceiling or floor next to the bath. Straight and angled rails are fixed to the wall to provide support when getting up and down in the bath.
There are a wide range of grab rails, grab bars, floor to ceiling poles and folding bathroom safety rails available to provide support and stability in the bathroom. Portable suction grab bars available that are easily attached without tools and are ideal for travel use.

Shower Commode Chairs

These chairs are either free standing or mobile and are placed over the toilet. They provide support for the user and they avoid the need to make awkward transfers within the confined space of a toilet or bathroom. These multi-function chairs can be used over the toilet, in the shower and as a commode. These can be attendant or self propelled. Folding shower commode chairs are also available with frames that easily dismantle for travel and storage

Shower Stools and Chairs

This category features a wide range of shower chairs and stools to  provide support for those who are able to sit to shower.

Static shower chairs and stools are freestanding so can be lifted in and out of the shower as required. Some shower chairs feature folding backs to aid storage.
Wall-fixed shower seats fix to the wall, usually via hinged brackets, so that they can be folded up out of the way
Mobile shower chairs are available in user-propelled and attendant-propelled versions to make it easier to push the chair in and out of the shower.Dual purpose shower chairs with a toileting provision can reduce the number of transfers that need to be made between the toilet and shower.

Washing Aids

There are a variety of washing aids, bathing aids and aids to daily living available  including no rinse shampoos, foot cleaners, portable bidets, shampoo basins.

Bathroom Accessories

Feature bathing aids and accessories include non slip bath mats, safety products, and bath cushions.