Bed Rails

Home & Medical bed rails come to your assistance so that you may carry out your daily activities independently of loved ones and carers. A wide range of bed rails, bumpers, transfer aids and bed sticks are available to support you throughout your day, particularly in the bedroom. 

Extendable bed sticks which fit snugly under your mattress can be used to aid the transition from lying to sitting and finally to an upright position, while the solo bed transfer aids are designed to allow you to move without disturbing your companion.

Bed rails are extremely versatile and our catalogue includes adjustable, folding, usable with slatted beds or divans, easy to fit, inexpensive, high quality and durable.

An exceptionally useful aid is the security pole, which comes with a grab-bar and can be fitted in any room for continuous support. 

These and many other transfer and support solutions are available for quick and effortless purchase via our website.