Chair Aids and Footrests

Home & Medical chair aids offer all the support you need at home and elsewhere; back support cushions, swivel cushions, adjustable, over-bed tables and footrests will see you through the day.

Hydraulic lifting seats are portable and comfortable aids which adjust to your body weight to assist you effortlessly into an upright position. Swivel seats, and swivel cushions can be kept on the car seat, wheelchair or bed to assist you during transfers, and self-inflating pneumatic cushions can be carried with you on your journeys for optimum postural support.

Transfer aids come in all shapes and sizes at Home & Medical, from plastic moulded or wooden models, to double-handed, snake-shaped, easy-glide and simple board styles. The Tuffet leg rest helps you take a load off your feet, the Backfriend cushion provides excellent lumbar support, and the Stand Easy frame provides additional support when standing from a sitting position.