Cotside Bumpers and Bed Rail Protection

Cotside bumpers, side wedges, bed rail protectors and net covers are available from Home & Medical for additional comfort and the reassurance of a safe, restful slumber at home and elsewhere. 

Our range of Bed Rail Entrapment Avoidance cotside bumpers comprises of range of materials including machine washable, wipe clean and quilted with a variety of styles including wrap-around, high-sided, and adjustable rail covers and bumpers. They are suitable for trombone, wooden, steel, connected, profiling bed and full-length bed rails.

They prevent patients from falling out of bed, they soften the impact from any sudden movements, and they help you avoid getting caught in the bed rails. Alternatively, a pair of side wedges can also prevent you from rolling out of bed, and they come in many different sizes for you to choose from.

To view the Buyers Guide to Cotside Bumpers and Bed Rail Protection click here