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Home and Medical are a leading UK supplier of mobility, continence and independent living products offering free UK delivery on orders over £45.A discreet and convenient way for you to purchase disposable incontinence pads and pull-up pants, sheets, bed pads, mats and personal care products from the comfort of your own home. Encompassing all aspects of bladder weakness and bowel incontinence our range includes incontinence products and pads from Paul Hartmann, Tena, Lille, Abena, iD Expert and Age UK. Products include pull-up pants, shaped incontinence pads, stretch fixation pants, all-in-one nappy style briefs, male incontinence products and rectangular absorbent pads. 

Incontinence Pads and Continence Care Products from Hartmann, Tena, Abena, Lille, Age UK and Euron/iD Expert

Disposable Pads & Pants for Incontinence

The incidence of incontinence increases with age and can seriously affect a person’s social life. Using absorbent products such as disposable incontinence pads can offer increased levels of freedom.  There are many different shapes and sizes of pads and it is important that the right size and absorbency is selected. Some are suitable for small dribbles whilst others are suitable for more severe incontinence.

Most manufacturers have a simple coding system that will help you select the appropriate product according to the level of absorbency required. Most products will list a working capacity in millilitres that indicates the level of absorbency for each pad.

There are three main categories of disposable incontinence pads.

Insert Pads

These are basic rectangular pads which don’t have a waterproof backing and should be used with washable incontinence underwear such as pouch pants. These pouch pants will have a waterproof outer layer to the pouch and the pad is normally inserted into the pouch which then holds it  in place. 

Shaped pads

These anatomically shaped  pads are contoured to fit the body. They normally have a waterproof or textile backing to stop urine leaking out of the pad and are held in place by special net or stretch fixation pants or can be secured into underwear by an adhesive strip. These pads generally have soft elastics in the crotch area to guarantee an ideal fit and have an absorbent core which guides liquid away from the skin.

Shaped pads are available that are specifically designed for the male anatomy.

All-in-one Briefs and Pull Up Pants

These are more suitable for moderate to severe urinary and faecal incontinence.
The All-In-One Briefs are normally designed like nappies, with adhesive tapes which fix at the sides to hold the briefs in place.

There are other All-in-One pull up briefsthat fit like normal underwear and can be pulled up and down as necessary. Most designs have tear-open sides, which makes removal quicker and easier. High absorbency variants are available that are especially suitable for night time use and wetness indicators on the backing are useful to know when to change the product.

Disposable Pads – for hygienic protection of beds and chairs against accidental urine loss.  Fluids are absorbed quickly in the absorbent cellulose core. The pads are then disposed of and replaced.

There are a wide range of bed and chair pads available for continence management and protection.Bed and chair pads help increase dignity and comfort and can also reduce the amount of washing for carers. Extra protection provides confidence for people who wear incontinence pads whilst sitting in a chair wheelchair or bed.

Whatever incontinence problems you suffer from it is recommended that specialist advice from a doctor or specialist is sought so that the best solution can be found

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