Indoor Walkers

Forearm Walkers, Indoor Rollators and Trolley Walkers

A range of indoor walking aids and walking therapy aids with armrests that provide stability and support to the user. Indoor trolley walkers with wheels are useful for carrying drinks and meals whilst helping the elderly to maintain their posture and balance.

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Forearm Walkers/Indoor Rollators/Trolley Walkers are designed specifically for indoor use

This range of indoor trolley walkers, forearm walkers and rollators offer the use stability, balance and support to the user inside the house.

Forearm Walkers

Forearm walkers are walking frames which have padded gutters and vertical handgrips.

These frames are very useful for people with a weak or painful hangrip. They allow people to put some of their weight through their forearms instead of their hands, thereby spreading the load and providing security when walking. They can also prevent people stooping over if using a traditional walking frame.

There are a number of forearm style walkers on the market;

The Step Up Indoor Platform Walker -A modern indoor platform walker which can also be used in wet rooms. The Step Up Walker is available in two options for height adjustment - manual or hydraulic.  A useful rehabilitation aid, it provides reliable support for anyone regaining confidence in walking.

The Topro Troja walker with forearms provides under arm support. This award winning walker is manufactured in Norway to the highest specification for comfort, manoeuvrability and storage.

The modern Topro Taurus multi functional walker was developed to support for those who have impaired movement - support that enables them to take steps forward safely. Developed for modern exercise therapy.

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Indoor Walkers and Trolley Walkers

Two indoor walker rollators worthy of note include;

Roomba Indoor Rollator The Roomba high-value walking frame  has been developed for indoor use. With an extremely lightweight aluminium frame weights only 5.6kg the Roomba features a full length brake handle suitable for one hand operation (e.g. by persons suffering from Hemigplegia) and includes a practical tray and textile basket

Topro Butler Indoor trolley walker, rollator and table in one - It helps the user around the house and glides over the threshold of most internal doors. It gives security to move forward and at the same time the possibility to serve food.built like a serving wagon but has the fantastic feature that due to the various height adjustments it can be used as an in house rollator and table