Kylie Incontinence Pants

Kylie - Make Living with Incontinence More Comfortable. The re-launched Kylie® range retain all the unique features which these brands have become well known for over the years. All Kylie® underwear is fitted with the unique Kylie® leakguard which the Kylie® brand is renowned for, as well as excellent levels of absorbency. All incontinence products in this category are designed to deal primarily with urine loss. However, a number of the products in this range can cope very effectively with faecal problems.  Simply order online or call us on FREEPHONE 0800 035 3588. Free UK mainland delivery on all orders over £45.

Kylie Continence Care Products

Improved design of incontinence care garments,coupled with the development of highly absorbent materials, make living with incontinence much more comfortable these days.

Over the years the Kylie® brand have been at the forefront of the development of products designed to overcome the practical difficulties associated with incontinence. These products cannot cure incontinence but by selecting the most appropriate ones, discomfort and embarrassment can be markedly reduced and the quality of life enhanced. 

All our products are effective for urine loss problems; the actual level of protection will depend upon the nature of the problem and the product used.

Most Kylie® products are manufactured in the UK.

Kylie® Washable Absorbent Underwear

The Kylie® range of underwear is the only washable continence range of underwear that has the unique leakguard feature and is recommended by continence care advisers.

Developed from research carried out at one of London's leading hospitals, the leakguard is positioned around the leg opening of the brief to ensure that there is no leakage from the absorbent gusset. The waterproof leakguard gusset protection system enhances the user's comfort and confidence when wearing the Kylie® brief.

The unique leakguard feature has led to the Kylie® range being the leading brand in its field for over 25 years and Capatex Medical have taken these time tested features and incorporated them into new garments using the latest textile technology for your comfort.