Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchairs

Home and Medical offer a wide range of ultra lightweight aluminium self-propelled wheelchairs, transit wheelchairs, folding wheelchairs, travel and transport wheelchairs. All wheelchairs are manufactured to the highest specifications using lightweight materials and are easily folded for transportation and storage. Browse this category to view all our models or if you would like help or advice on choosing a wheelchair please contact Home and Medical on Freephone 0800 035 3588.

Choosing a folding wheelchair

The folding wheelchair is the most popular wheelchair on the market. 

Most manual wheelchairs fit into this category as they have the benefit of a collapsible frame. A folding wheelchair is very versatile and comfortable whilst allowing easy access and increased freedom of movement. 

Folding wheelchairs can also come with detachable leg rests and folding back to make them ideal for folding away for storage in the home and for travel. Folding wheelchairs are ideal for temporary use or storing in the home. 

By definition a folding wheelchair is a lot more portable and convenient than a solid wheelchair and can easily be carried in the boot of a car. Often made from lightweight aluminium a folding wheelchair doesn't take require much upper body strength or coordination to be able to use the chair and to move it around. 

Folding wheelchairs are available in both self propel and transit options. Attendant handbrakes are useful for additional safety and control.

Folding Transit Wheelchairs 

Transit wheelchairs are for those who cannot propel themselves. They have small rear wheels and can be folded to save space when they need to be stored or transported. The chairs have been designed with user and attendant in mind with easy pushing handles and brakes for the attendant and comfortable armrests and footrests for the user.

A folding transit or transfer wheelchair is recommended for short-term transportation and occupant transfer.  Alumiunium folding wheelchairs are significantly lighter than those made of steel. Excellent value for money models with many features as standard including, swing away and removable footrests are available. 

Self Propel Folding Wheelchairs 

Self propel chairs with a cross bracing mechanism underneath can be folded and can be made lighter by removing the legrests and quick release wheels, where possible. Lightweight aluminium frames make transport and portability easier.

A folding back and flip up armrests make the wheelchair more compact and easier to use. 

Lightweight Travel Wheelchairs

Travel wheelchairs are the most portable wheelchairs available. Being the most lightweight of all wheelchairs, they are ideal for occasional use and getting to and from places with ease. Collapsible, lightweight and durable they are often used for both indoor and outdoor use such as transit to and from a car, using in shopping centres or retail locations and for short distance flat terrain use. Travel wheelchairs require an attendant to push them. 

The Light Travel Wheelchair in a Holdall, is a new style travel wheelchair that folds to approximately one third the size of a typical folded wheelchair. It comes with its own holdall style bag and weighs just over 9kg.

If you would like help or advice on choosing a wheelchair please contact Home and Medical on Freephone 0800 035 3588