Paediatric Postural Aids

Paediatric Postural Aids and Floors Seats - Supportive seating can assist a child in all their activities of daily living. A child may need a different seat for different activities. Seating can provide safety, enable a child to function more easily, reduce the possibility of further deterioration in posture and enable a child to take part in family activities.

Paediatric Postural Aids, Floors Seats and Tables can provide support for small children

Floor sitters offer a simple solution to the problem of floor sitting balance in younger children with disabilities.

The Tumble Forms Deluxe Floor Sitter is made up of the Feeder Seat and Floor Sitter Wedge. Transforming the Feeder Seat into a comfortable floor chair enables the child to interact with others.

The Corner Seat Table can be placed close to the child and is height adjustable to suit children of different ages.