Rise Recliner Chairs

Chairs are an essential part of all of our lives but for the elderly or disabled it can become increasingly difficult to use standard seating.Rise and recline adjustable electric chairs are often a great solution. Powered by mains electricity they can have single, dual or multiple motors to automate seat tilt, seat lift and tilt and recline capabilities. Our range of rise & recliners and adjustable electric chairs at excellent prices allowing you to put your feet up. With the simple touch of a button you will be gently lifted into a standing position. Simply order online or call us on FREEPHONE 0800 035 3588 for advice.

Riser Recliner Chairs

Recliner chairs allow you to recline the chair back and some will allow you to put up your feet. Certain models will also recline you fully to a lying position. 

On many models the whole chair rises which provides the user with support and leverage to get out of the chair.

Riser recliner chairs with single motor

Riser-recliners with one motor operate the backrest and leg rest so that as the backrest reclines the leg rest rises.
Once the seat back is in an upright position, these chairs can also assist a person to stand by lifting up the seat and tilting the chair forward.
These are the simplest riser-recliner chairs using controls with only two buttons.

Riser recliners chairs with two or more motors

Riser-recliners with two motors use one motor for the leg rest and one for the backrest. This means that the backrest and leg rest can be operated independently of each other.

These riser recliners with two motors or more increase the number of independent movements that a person can control within the chair. This gives much more flexible use of the chair but means the hand controls have at least four alternative actions usually controlled by four buttons. So this is an important consideration in determining a person’s ability to use this type of chair independently and safely.