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R8 Aluminium Rollator

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Z-Tech Falcon Aluminium Rollator

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Elite Care X Cruise Folding lightweight

This is a collection of the best rollator reviews.
I have put together a list of the top five rollators on the market today. When looking for a new walker, you should consider price, build quality including reliability and features such as locking brakes, shopping basket and if there is a seat. You may also need to consider if the rollator folds up so it can be stored away.
The following are my recommended picks from all of the options available in 2021 based on price, features and feedback provided by real people using them.

1. R8 Aluminium Rollator

Drive R8 Blue Aluminium Rollator with Padded Seat and Vinyl Underseat Bag

The drive R8 provides an affordable alternative to a wheelchair.
This rollator is suitable for outdoor use too.
The padded seat folds up easily allowing access to the bag or allows you to fold the walker for transportation or storage.

TIP: Extend the frame height by around 4 inches by adjusting the handle height or using your own additional cushion if you need a higher chair. This will allow you to transfer to and from this seat more easily than from the standard lower position

Rustproof, robust aluminium frame
Looped cable brakes, Easy folding mechanism, Solid puncture-proof tyres
Anatomically designed hand grips.
Curved and padded backrest.
Swivelling front wheels increase manoeuvrability.
Easy wipe clean surfaces.

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  • Very lightweight. Under 7 kg
  • Height adjustable: 33″ to 38″
  • Arthritic friendly loop cable brakes
  • Padded flip-up seat
  • 18″ Wheels for use on rough ground

Lightweight Rollator with Bag
Lightweight aluminium rollator with bag which folds easily for storage and travel. X Fold Folding Rollator
Folds in two directions for a very compact size. Very lightweight 7.5kg. Z-Tec Aluminium Rollator
Deluxe 4 wheel lightweight rollator which folds easily for storage and travel. Aluminium rollator with curved back for added comfort.

2. Elite Care X Cruise Folding lightweight

Elite Care X Cruise Folding lightweight compact 4 wheel rollator walking frame with seat in silver or black

Our X-Cruise folding lightweight rollator offers four moulded comfort wheels with puncture proof solid tyres, a height adjustable handles with ergonomic grips, an easy to use braking system, and a stepper tube to climb onto small steps or curbs. This walking frame is suitable for Air travel under the hand luggage dimensions of most major airlines, and comes in a fantastic range of colours. It can be folded down in seconds by simply lifting up on the seatbelt strap and pulling it down.

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  • Height adjustable handles: 80cm/31.5″ – 92cm/36½”.
  • Puncture-proof solid tyres.
  • Stepper tube to help get up curbs or small steps.
  • Canvas Seat and backrest.
  • Dual-action brakes for both slowing down and locking on.
  • Cane holder.
  • Weight capacity 115kg/17 stone.

3. Z-Tech Falcon Aluminium Rollator

Z-tech Falcon Lightweight Aluminium Rollator: 5.5kg in Blue

The Z-Tec Falcon is a lightweight rollator suitable for those who require a product which is both strong and durable due to its solid aluminium frame. Featuring adjustable height handles, locking arthritic loop brakes and an easy to fold design it offers convenience as well as comfort. Due to the compact size of this rollator it is perfect for use in smaller spaces yet spacious enough to transport everything needed on a day out including coats, bags, water bottles and documents. The Falcon can also be folded and unfolded effortlessly meaning that it will always be ready when you are.

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  • Ultra-lightweight with only only weighing 5.5kg
  • Maximum user weight 112kg / 17.5 stones
  • Silent dual wheel swivel wheels – no noisy casters!
  • One-touch braking system improves safety and security, especially on stairs or uneven surfaces
  • Easy fold-up system allows for a full 360 degree folding and storage of the chair, allowing you to take in in the boot of a car!

4. Drive Diamond 4 Wheeled Rollator

Drive Blue Diamond Aluminium 4 Wheeled Rollator with Seat

The Four Wheel Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back Support from Drive Medical features Adjustable, ergonomic handles for added user comfort and ease of use. The backrest is easily removable to allow for transport and storage. The Height Adjuster allows the user to set button height to a comfortable position. Large pneumatic wheels offer high ground clearance, easily maneuverer over carpet or uneven pavement. Loop locks are a great safety feature for added security. Features an easily accessible basket underneath the seat for storage of personal effects.

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  • Tool free removable front and rear wheels
  • Soft, comfortable grips
  • Comes with removable carry pouch
  • Handles are height adjustable
  • Comfortable mesh seat

5. Nitro 4 Wheeled Rollator

Drive Red Nitro 4 Wheeled Premium Rollator with Backrest, Seat and bag

The Drive Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker is specially designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver. Nearly everything about this rollator is adjustable, including the handles, backrest height, and padded footplates. The Nitro has a built-in seatbelt for added safety and protection, a built-in brake cable in the rear wheels for additional peace of mind as you go about your day, and large 10 inch front wheels with a caster fork design to increase mobility at tight turns.

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  • Removable storage bag with zipper
  • Large, dual-frame seat and backrest
  • Castor fork design to enhance turning radius
  • Easily adjustable handle height to suit your needs
  • From 85cm to 97cm (32″-37″).
  • Lightweight and large 10″ front casters for easy maneuvrability
  • Seat width 46cm x seat height 52cm
  • Easy to use and transport
  • Large backrest with dual frame

Rollator Buying Guide

Indoor or Outdoor Usage

One of the most important considerations when buying a rollator is whether it’s designed for indoor or outdoor use. Wheel size is an important factor in this decision as some models offer standard 6- or 8-inch wheels that work best for indoor use or flat, even outdoor surfaces. If you plan to take your rollator on a trip or spend a lot of time outdoors we recommend looking for a model with larger wheels that are better equipped to handle different types of terrain.

Height & Adjustments

A height of 37.5” is just about right for plenty of adults, but when it comes to medical equipment users need to be able to get everything that they want. That is why we have made the handles and seat adjustable on our Rollators to help you find the best position for your height. Adjustable handles and seats ensure you can find your perfect fit, so you can get everything you need from your rollator’s features.

Folding & Storage

How do rollators fold? Some rollators collapse into a small package for easier storage. Many folding models have a two-step process-first unbuckle the footrest, then collapse the handlebars. Models with a one-step unfolding and folding system are also available.

Rollx Rollator
Comfortable seat can be adjusted into nine height positions.

Superior Lightweight Rollator
The Z-Tec704 Superior Rollator folds down to just 20cms or 8″ making it incredibly slim and easy to store and transport.

Topro Troja Rollator
Award winning rollator manufactured in Norway to the highest specification – for indoor and outdoor use.

Topro Troja 2G Rollator PREMIUM
The NEW Topro Troja 2G stands ahead of the competition with increased safety, flexibility and comfort.

Topro Troja 2G Rollator PREMIUM PLUS
The NEW Topro Troja 2G stands ahead of the competition with increased safety, flexibility and comfort.

Topro Troja X Small Rollator
The Topro Troja X small walking aid is light and easy to manoeuvre and handy for indoor and outdoor use. This award winning rollator designed for children or adults with a the smaller build.

Special Edition Topro Troja Rollators
The classic Topro Troja Medium now available in a stunning range of Special Edition Colours.

Topro Olympos Rollator
The award winning Topro Olympos multi-terrain rollator walker is designed especially for outdoor use, but can also be used inside. The Olympos has larger wheels for comfortable driving over rough ground and a large bag with cover able to carry 10kg in weight.

Volaris S7 Patrol Rollator
Volaris S7 PATROL is a stable rollator with four large wheels made from soft shock absorbing material, making your walk outdoors a breeze.

Volaris S7 Rollator
The Volaris S7 is a newly developed light and flexible rollator with functions for everybody.