Anti Slip Products

Anti Slip and Grip Safety Products

The anti slip and grip properties our products have gives people the confidence they need to go about their daily tasks. Many anti-slip products offer effective solutions for arthritis sufferers.

Anti-Slip and Grip Aids Offer Effective Solutions for Arthritis Sufferers

A range of extremely effective anti-slip products that provide grip on dry smooth and slippery surfaces, including tables, worktops, trays, handles and smooth floor surfaces.

Anti-slip products can be used as a solution in the home to maintain independent living and can also be used in clinical and care home environments. Products in the range include;

Anti Slip Bathroom Products

Anti slip bathroom aids are an aqua safe material, designed for use in wet areas, and if needed, barefoot applications. These anti slip strips and discs are not just confined to the bathroom, you can use them in any area which is exposed to water regularly.
Suitable for application on bath and shower bases, our aids will provide extra support for the elderly and disabled when bathing.

Anti-slip Table Mats and Coasters

Non-slip coasters and table mats - provide firm grip and hold for objects.