Topro Troja 2G

TOPRO 2G The New Generation of Rollators

Increased safety, flexibility and the best possible comfort!

Its predecessor, the TOPRO TROJA Classic, was selected as winner of the highly respected German consumer test 'Stiftung Warentest (edition 9/2005)' since then the TOPRO engineers have been working to develop the rollator based on research and feedback from users and therapists. The result is the second generation TOPRO TROJA with even more user friendly functions, a high focus on safety, flexibility and comfort.

Statements from professionals about the TOPRO TROJA 2G Ergo Grip:

"It gives a number of grip options. The grip requires more tension in the upper body, which is good for the patient. Rising up is easier, because you can support yourself better with this grip."

Fabian Crüwell, physiotherapist and executive therapist Specialist Hospital Neresheim, Germany

"Patients with deformities in their hands can hold the rollator easier. The user walks WITHIN the rollator, not behind."

Yasko Hupfauer, physiotherapist, University and Rehabilitation Clinic Ulm, Germany

"Sitting on the walker is more comfortable, since the arms can easily rest on the Ergo Grip."

Nora Kern, NOI and Bobath instructor, Germany