Topro Troja Rollator

Topro Troja Classic - The Original!

Designed and approved for both indoor and outdoor use the original Topro Troja Classic four wheel rollator is a supreme test winner on the market since 2002. Easy to fold the Topro Troja requires little space when stored and folds together by pulling the cord on the seat.

The Troja is elegant, practical and lightweight and is tested and approved according to ENISO 111999-2

This is what they said about the Norwegian manufactured test winner, Topro Troja:

  • Best operating comfort
  • Light weight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Easy to fold
  • Requires little space when folded
  • Good brake function
  • The test team's favorite

Topro Troja Rollators are easy to fold, requiring little space when stored.

  • An elegant and practical lightweight rollator
  • Excellent brakes, kerb lifter and edge guard
  • Pull the cord on the seat and the rollator folds together horizontally
  • Push the handlebars down into the sidebars
  • Unique memory function that sets the handles back to the right height
  • Stands securely on its wheels when folded
  • Takes little space and is very practical to transport
  • Excellent for users who travel by car, train, bus or airplane
  • Plastic coated aluminium tube and plastic couplings
  • A total of 12 ball bearings in the wheels and forks provide excellent driving comfort
  • Can be hosed and cleaned.
  • All wear and tear parts can be replaced and brakes can be adjusted
  • Tested and approved according to EN ISO 11199
  • Easy to negotiate thresholds and kerbs etc
  • Safe to use