Topro Troja Forearm Walker

Topro Wheeled Walker That Offers Under Forearm Support

If you suffer with hand or wrist problems then you may find using a standard rollator uncomfortable or perhaps impossible to use. At one time this may have meant relying on the help and kindess of others to help you get around however now there is the Topro Troja Walker with Forearm support. This walker is based on the popular Troja Rollator and offers the user an elevated point at which they can rest their forearms and elbows.

The forearm supports are now available for both the small and X small Troja walkers.

The Topro forearm supports are height adjustable and can be optimised to the user’s height requirements.

  • Topro Troja Walker with Forearms Topro Troja Walker with Forearms The Topro Troja walker with forearms provides under arm support. This award winning walker is manufactured in Norway to the highest specification for comfort, manoeuvrability and storage. Now available in 3 sizes.


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