Tri walkers - 3 Wheeled Walkers

Tri walkers - Three Wheeled Walking Aids Providing Support and Stability

Three wheeled rollators or tri-walkers are lighter in weight and more maneuverable that a four wheeled rollator. They are produced both in lightweight alumiunium and in heavy duty steel. The have a swivel front wheel for easy manoevrability and fold easily for storage and transportation. 3 wheeled walkers are often known as tri walkers, wheeled walking frames or wheeled walking aids and are designed for indoor and outdoor use. A new product is the tri walker with seat which has the manoeuvrability of a tri wheeled walker but with the option for the user to sit on its cleverly designed seat.

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The aluminium triwalkers are significantly lighter than their steel equivalents and tend to be favoured by those who need to lift them, use  them on public transport or fold them into the boot of a car.

A wheeled walker can reduce the risk of falling and it will provide much more support than a walking stick or cane and more maneuverability than a walking frame. Many models of tri-walkers come with baskets and trays that transform the triwalker into an indoor trolley and useful for carrying drinks and meals.

The Z-Tec folding aluminium triwalker comes complete with bag, basket and tray and weighs only 5kg without accessories. . It has solid 19cm/7½” wheels, height adjustable handles and locking arthritic loop brakes.