Triwalkers – 3 Wheeled Walkers

Lightweight aluminium tri walkers, wheeled walking frames, three wheeled walkers, tri-walkers with baskets, wheeled walking aids and heavy duty steel tri-walkers designed for indoor and outdoor use. These 3 wheeled walkers and rolling walkers provide support and stability. Ideal for transportation.

Triwalker with Bag, Basket & TraySpecial Offer – Three-wheeled walker

Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Triwalker – Folding ultra-lightweight aluminium triwalker comes complete with bag, basket and tray. Weighs only 5kg.

Lightweight Aluminium Tri-walker – Super deluxe lightweight folding tri-walker designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Lightweight Aluminium Tri-walker – Can be lifted with one finger. This walking aid was developed to keep its weight to an absolute minimum.

Lite Compact Aluminium Triwalker – Lite Compact Triwalker with telescopic rear frame for easy storage

Steel Tri-walker with Basket – Steel folding tri walker with basket, bag and tray designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Z-TEC Folding Steel Tri-Walker – Height adjustable handles with locking arthritic loop brakes and 3 solid 19cm diameter wheels.