Walking Frames

Walking Frames, Walking Frames with Seats, Folding Walking Frames, Zimmer Frames

Walking frames or zimmer frames (as they are often referred to) are typically used around the home to provide support when walking. These lightweight portable frames provide support to help the user walk independently. Walking frames have four legs, ergonomic grips and sometimes have two wheels at the front to aid manoeuvrability.The simplest, style of walking frame  comes without wheels is sturdy and stable and is typically used indoors.Designed for indoor use a walking frame with wheels makes transitions smoother because the user does not need to stop between steps in order to reposition the frame. Ultra narrow frames are ideal for negotiating narrow gaps and doorways whilst frames with a folding action allow it to fold to a convenient size for storage. A forearm walking frame is a lightweight, aluminium walking frame fitted with height adjustable forearm troughs to provide upper body support.

Walking Frames & Zimmer Frames

Walking frames are designed for people who need more support than a cane provides, but who do not require a wheelchair.  Walkers allow you to place more weight on your arms, instead of your legs, and also assist with support and balance.

The Ultra Narrow Lightweight Walking Frame (with or without wheels) is designed to be slim enough for the very smallest of gaps, making it particularly useful in a domestic setting.

Note – When you use your walker, the height should be set so that your elbows are slightly bent.