Walking Trolleys & Trays

Indoor Walking Trollies, Shopper Rollators and Anti-Spill Trays

All the products in this category are designed to make life easier when moving items, especially food and drink, around the house. The range of indoor trollies and provide a degree if support and are easy to manoeuvre indoors.

The shopping trollies are designed for outdoor use and are built to assist the elderly and disabled with their shopping tasks. Built for comfort many shoppers have a seat for resting and some are designed to address mobility or stability issues.

For more information on walking trollies and indoor walkers contact Home and Medical on Freephone 08000 35 35 88

Trolley Walkers and Shopping Trollies - Providing Help and Stability to the Elderly and Disabled

There are different types of trollies that can provide assistance to the elderly or disabled both inside and outside the house.

Household Trollies

Some household trolleys have been especially designed to provide a degree of walking support and may be appropriate to use if you are unsteady on your feet. They are designed for indoor use and their main advantage is that they enable items to be carried safely from room to room, and give the user security.

Many trollies have removable trays and  have raised lips to prevent spillage. 
The  trays are ofen aligned to  allow the user to walk in a natural way when pushing.

The TOPRO Butler is built like a serving wagon but has the fantastic feature that due to the various height adjustments it can be used as an in house rollator and table

Indoor Walkers

There are a number of indoor wheeled walking aids that have a tray fitted to allow the user to carry items from room to room.
These indoor walkers or rollators are is designed to be used indoors and have a narrow profile to help manoeuvre through doorways.
The Roomba Indoor walker has a full length paded handlebar – particularly easy for one handed operation and weighs only 5kg.

Shopping Trolleys

There are a number of  lightweight aluminium wheeled shopping trollies with bags and stands that can make shopping easier for the elderley or disabled.

Rollator with four wheels and a seat which are pushed in front of the user, can be used to provide security when walking outdoors. People who are steady on their feet but who lack walking stamina annd whose condition may be exacerbated by carrying heavy loads, may benefit from a rollator which has a shopping bag (usually under the seat).
Some models fold so that they can be stored discreetly .