Washable Incontinence Pants

Washable incontinence underwear and pants are styled to look like normal underwear and offer the maximum protection, absorbency and reliability in a discreet way. The innovative absorbent liner prevent leakages ensures long term dryness, which means you can get on with your life with complete confidence.Purchase washable and reuseable incontinence briefs and underwear here from the comfort of your own home.

Home and Medical offer a wide range of incontinence management products for men, women, boys and girlsfrom leading brands including P&S Healthcare, Kylie and Kanga.

For hygiene reasons, you can only return underwear if the item hasn’t been opened and is in its sealed original packaging

Washable and Reusable Incontinence Underwear

Washable incontinence underwear and related products are made to withstand frequent washing and can be washed over and over again without any loss of effectiveness - up to 200 times.

Many prefer to wear washable incontinence products because they are more comfortable and feel more like regular underwear. Disposable incontinence pants can be bulkier than normal underwear, but they are manufactured from rustle-free materials to be as discreet as possible.

It must be noted that continence care products are highly absorbent and will take longer to dry than normal underwear.

Washable incontinence pants are ideal for sufferers of light to moderate urinary incontinence and therefore offer comfortable solutions for individuals who lose small amounts of urine.

All washable incontinence products are designed and manufactured to give the highest quality and standards that you and the environment deserve.

The comprehensive range means there is a product for everyone, from young children to adults of all ages.

Incontinence Products for Women

Home and Medical supply an array of adult re-usable incontinence underwear and incontinence products for women including drop-down briefs, unisex briefs and high leg brief. All of our incontinence products for women are waterproof and machine washable.

Mens Incontinence Products and Pants

We supply an array of adult incontinence products for men including boxer shorts, Y-Fronts and unisex briefs. All of our incontinence products are waterproof and machine washable.

Girls and Boys Washable Incontinence Products

Our range of childrens incontinence products are designed for those little accidents.
Childrens incontinence products contain a new waterproof and breathable fabric which has a high moisture vapour transmission rate, thus giving the user the reassurance of them being waterproof but the comfort of the breathability- which keeps you feeling cool and comfortable all day long.

If you have any questions regarding our incontinence products then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do all that we can to help.

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