Z-Tec Self Propelled Wheelchairs

Self-propelled wheelchairs are most often propelled by the user, but can also be pushed by a companion. They are distinguished by the two large wheels in back and two small 'caster' wheels in front. Whilst these chairs are designed to be used by the user, they typically have pushing handles on the back so that someone can push from behind if required. Larger back wheels can often be advantageous when negotiating kerbs or other obstacles. Some Z-tec self-propelled models models feature attendant handbrales and padded upholstery.

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The Z-Tec range of self-propelled wheelchairs includes aluminium, heavy duty and ultra lightweight models with flip up arms and swing away removable footrests

All models represent great value all with Z-Tecs great build quality.

The Z-Tec High Line and T-Line models are deluxe folding Aluminium Self Propel Wheelchairs with a wide range of stylish features in a variety of seat widths.

The Z-Tec Heavy Duty Extra Wide Steel Wheelchair is a  bariatric wheelchair available in 20" and 22" seat width with 23½ stone maximum user weight