Z-Tec Transit Wheelchairs

Some wheelchairs can often be heavy and difficult to transport, a folding transit wheelchair however is an excellent choice as they can easily be dismantled, folded and transported by car. Folding wheelchairs tend to have a cross bracing mechanism underneath the seat that allows the frame to collapse sideways making them easier to fit in the boot of a car. The chair can also be made lighter by removing legrests and armrests. On many models the backrest is folded down and the armrests are removed for easy storage.

Aluminium folding wheelchairs are significantly lighter than those made of steel. Z-Tec offer a number of excellent value for money models in both steel and aluminium with many features as standard including, swing away and removable footrests are available.

The best selling Z-Tec Aluminium Transit Wheelchair with Attendant Handbrakes is available in a number of metallic colours. This lightweight folding wheelchair has many features as standard including, swing away and removable footrests, 20cm/8″ solid castors, 30cm/12″ solid rear wheels. The folding wheelchair also offers attendant handbrakes, a fold down backrest for easy storage, seat belt, side skirts and heel-loops.

Z-Tec Lightweight Aluminium Transit Wheelchair is a folding ultra lightweight aluminium Transit wheelchair in silver with two tone grey upholstery.

The Z-Tec Lightweight transfer wheelchair with attendant handbrakes folds quickly and easily for storage or transportation and is perfect for those going on holiday or travelling.