Z-Tec Tri Walkers

Tri-walkers give the user added stability and usually will be more helpful than using sticks.

Reasons to Consider a Z-tec Tri Walker

Tri wheel walkers have a swiveling front wheel and two fixed rear wheels. The frame which can be made from steel or lightweight aluminium has handle bars for the user to hold and to use to push the frame. Virtually all three wheel walkers can be folded for transport or storage.

The folding mechanism is typically operated by releasing a locking mechanism near the front of the frame. This allows the handle bars and the rear wheels to be closed together significantly reducing the width of the frame. This can be very useful for putting the frame into the boot of a car.

The basket and bag on the three wheel walker may be removed.

Z-Tecs best selling triwalker includes the Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Triwalker with Basket. The best selling folding ultra lightweight aluminium triwalker from Z-Tec comes complete with bag, basket and tray and weighs only 5kg.