The Olympos Off-road Rollator

A Walking Aid Suitable for Outdoor Use and Rough Terrain

  Topro Olympos

Most 4 wheel walking aids are built for general day to day use - but there are very few that will support the more active user who perhaps wants to venture outdoors and onto to rougher terrain.

Designed especially this modern, sporty lightweight folding walker is made for comfortable use on rough surfaces, The Topro Olympos is a four wheeled rollator with a difference. It has larger than normal tyres that are designed for use outdoors. The walker has a height adjustment with memory function, excellent brakes and kerb lifters … so it is safe and practical to use when crossing raised surfaces or thresholds.

Constructed from material which tolerates all kinds of weather conditions, the Topro Olympos is easy to hose or steam clean. This rollator is excellent for transportation and travel, folds together neatly for storage and stands steady on its wheels when folded.

 In common with most rollators the Olympos has an integral seat … so you can sit down and have a rest whenever you like. Topro manufacture and market rehabilitation products for elderly and disabled. Their products are developed in co-operation with ergonomists, physiotherapists and designers.

The following stories provide an interesting insight into user experiences with the Topro Olympos.

Sam Stewart

 Topro Olympos

 "For me the outdoors is my sanctuary, and the Topro Olympos Off-Road Wheeled Walker has not only made this so much easier, but has ensured the continuation of the best therapy in the world - being with nature.

With wide ranging and complex neurological disabilities, along with longstanding rheumatoligal and metabolic problems I need assistance in many ways. No other walker or aid really has met all my needs like the Topro has, I know it sounds corny - but it’s true!

Being a former Army Driver, the Topro was sure to be put through its paces, and it certainly never ceases to amaze me. The more you need to lean on the walker, the easier the rugged terrain is to get over.

Mr.Topro, as I call the walker, goes everywhere - this year’s snow and ice were no problem, the tyres and brake system ensured excellent grip on ungritted paths and even those that incline off to one side (these are usually the bane of any mobility aid user).

Living in rural East Anglia there is a lot of large chunks of flint and gravel - and yes, the Topro really does go over tree roots! Thetford has thrown up enough challenges for Mr Topro, a range of surfaces from hard grit and flint, to sandy peat with flint and branch debris. No jolts as with other walkers, and so no wear and tear on increasingly weakening muscles and joints - what a relief to go out and actually enjoy as supposed to endure a day out in the countryside".

Henry Berman

"My wife Joan and I have been keen hikers, and Youth Hostellers, for over 50 years. This was brought to a definite halt when arthritic joints caused Joan great pain and necessitated replacement of both knees. These operations were successful, however Stenosis of the spine needs her to sit down every 25 yards or so and is greatly relieved by leaning on the handles of a rollator while actually walking. We had almost given up our sorties into the countryside when I hit on the idea of replacing our pavement only friendly rollator's wheels with larger treaded wheels. These proved very difficult to find and impossible to fit.

The Topro Olympos is truly amazing it moves lightly over comparatively rough ground with ease. We took it to Brittany -France in early June and tried it on gravel and beaches. Last week we trundled it through the New Forest over rough paths with small tree roots everywhere. No problem. We took Joan's pavement rollator to the Yorkshire Dales last year. I spent more time lifting it than she did pushing it. This August we hope to take our boots, rucksacs and the Topro Olympos to France once again. We do not drive so we need to board public transport with relative ease. So far buses, taxis and trains have not been any trouble.  Eventually we heard about the Topro Olympos off-road rollator and were directed to Home and Medical."

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